Mick’s Gym X Training & Boxing area is our latest addition, featuring 20 individual training stations sure to cater for everyone.

Mick’s Gym has also added a fully featured X Training facility with all premium range iron edge gear.

This setup is complete with the following:

  • 5M climbing ropes
  • Olympic lifting platforms
  • 16M sled track
  • Complete rack with rings etc
  • Rowing machines
  • Premium bumper plates
  • Glute Ham Developers
  • Farmers walk handles plus more
  • Tyres for flips
  • 5/10/15kg sledge hammers
  • Full range of premium kettle bells
  • Medicine balls / dead balls etc
  • Plyometric boxes

Mick’s Gym will be hosting daily X Training classes for beginners to advanced to challenge everyone!

Daily workouts keep it fresh so your not doing the same thing each day!

For more information feel free to contact us now!